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At Policy-Insider.AI, we recognize that having direct access to high-quality, comprehensive policy data is crucial for a variety of applications, from financial indexing to political studies. Our data services are designed to meet these diverse needs, providing you with flexible, reliable access to the information you require.

Whether you need data streams, dumps, or API access, Policy-Insider.AI delivers the insights you need to power your applications and analyses.

Comprehensive Data Coverage

Access a vast array of data from global policy institutions, including the European Parliament, United Nations, national governments, and more. Our extensive coverage ensures that you have the information you need, no matter where it originates.

Flexible Data Delivery

Choose the data delivery method that best fits your needs:

  1. Data Streams: Receive real-time data streams for continuous updates.
  2. Data Dumps: Get bulk data downloads for comprehensive offline analysis.
  3. API Access: Integrate our data directly into your applications via our robust API.
Multilingual Data Access

Break down language barriers with our multilingual data services. We provide policy data in multiple languages, enabling you to access and understand information from a wide range of global sources.

Customized Data Solutions

Policy-Insider.AI can customize our offerings to fit your needs. Beyond the institutions we already cover, we have the capability to build custom datasets to suit unique requirements, ensuring you have exactly the data you need.

Have you thought about using policy “big data” in these areas?

Investment and Financial Analysis

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Stakeholder and Competitor tracking

political research

Economic Forecasting Models

Commodity Market Outlooks

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